Big Nose Appreciation Discussion

Where women with larger noses can feel at home and for men who appreciate their beauty.


This website is devoted to women who do not conform to the stereotypical ideal of

feminine beauty and whose beauty is enhanced by their larger or uniquely shaped noses.


What’s this? Why a big nose appreciation page? Didn’t people agree that female noses should be small in order to be beautiful? Or wasn’t it figured out that average faces are generally considered most beautiful?

The people on this page don’t agree with both presumptions. To start with the first assumption: ‘Female noses should be small’. Why? There is no reason for that. Many girls and women have been given a bigger or stronger nose since the origin of mankind. Yes, a small nose may look cute, but is cuteness the only thing we wish a girl or a woman? We think that a strong nose on a girl looks good. It can give her a stronger and more mature look. Strong noses, so most people on this page see it, look more developed, more crystallized, and often have more shape than many smaller ones. It expresses the strong sides of femininity, in our view. Imagine a girl with a well developed nose, strongly extending from her face with long nostrils, strongly grown forward, away from the initial more childish features. Isn’t that something enviable that you wish a girl to be blessed with? Many of these noses are also very slender, what makes them look nicely finely shaped. And this brings us to something else. Don’t look big noses very masculine? We don’t think so. Female big noses clearly look different from male big noses. Just because they are often more slender and more finely shaped than male noses. From that viewpoint, maybe you could even say that the most crystallized and well-developed noses are female.

That’s why the people on this site like female big noses. Such noses give them a stronger, more matured look. By the way, this doesn’t have to mean that girls with stronger noses are stronger or more mature persons, but, anyway, they express themselves strongly into matter, and that is something enviable, admirable and adorable, we think.

The dominating ‘beauty standard’ in large parts of the western world nowadays may be different, but this could be a consequence of the strong influence of the world of showbiz and models, widely spread by the media, in which juvenility is preferred above maturity. Whether this fully coincides with the natural taste of ordinary people is questionable. Also the wish of men to be stronger than women can have contributed to the ‘beauty standard’ that women and girls should look cute and hence should also have relatively small noses.

Does this all mean that the people on this site don’t like other noses on a female than the bigger ones. No, the persons on this site just like natural shapes which give a nose character. And nature has delivered a wide variety in noses, especially among females, the one not being more natural than the other. This site is also about all kinds of uniquely shaped noses. This can also be upturned noses, wide noses, flat noses, or why not, small noses. Because, let’s me honest, we must not make the same mistake as the small nose lovers to declare one type of nose to be the absolute beauty standard. We see the strong sides of a big nose, but that doesn’t mean that this type of nose is the norm for all noses. Other kinds of noses can have a strong, well crystallized shape as well, and evoke associations with a strong character too. Also, a small nose can do that. As a counterweight to the dominant idea that women should have small noses, resulting from the juvenility cult, we point to the beauty of stronger, mature looking noses, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate juvenility. From another perspective beauty could be a mix between juvenile and mature elements. We just ask attention for those elements that give a nose character and all character can be associated with strength, we think.

Anyway, we combat the idea, stated by some scientists that the absolute average nose or face is the norm for beauty. Couldn’t it be that this idea is a result of just taking the average of all tastes. Is it strange that you end somewhere in the middle then? It could be that an average face is beautiful, but many people on this site will prefer uniqueness, personality and fascination for something new.

Typical for the people here is that, when a girl is posting here, being insecure about her nose and considering a nose job to reshape their nose in the direction of the average, they react in terms of ‘Don’t change anything! You’re beautiful the way you are!’. We are people with an eye for uniqueness and natural variance.